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Step into Seamless Convenience! Explore Our Automatic Door Solutions for Effortless Access
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Swing into Security and Style! Discover Elegant Swing Gate Solutions for Your Home or Business.
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Roll with Confidence! Elevate Security and Style with Our Cutting-edge Rolling Shutters. Unmatched Protection at Your Command.
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Beyond Boundaries! Explore Our Barrier Solutions for Secure Spaces. Control Access with Confidence.
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Welcome to Al Fahad
Auto Doors!

We, Al Fahad Automatic Doors Trading FZE is one of the leading organization deals with Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of all kinds of Specialized Security Doors and Gates, Various Security Systems, Aluminium and Steel Works, Building Maintenance required for Multistoried Buildings, Exclusive Residential Villas, Warehouse, Hotels and Apartments – Since 2002.

Our High-Profile Security Doors and Gates help to Loss Prevention and Minimize Security Breach. Al Fahad Automatic Doors Trading FZE stakes its claim as the provider of all such security system backed up with service of Experienced Staff, Well Trained Technicians managed by Professionals.

Our Products

At Al Fahad Automatic Doors, we lead the way in making things automatic. We promise to give you the best quality services at prices that are fair and competitive. Our goal is to make sure we meet your needs on time, thanks to our team of dedicated Automatic Door Professionals. We’re really good at:


We have different solutions to make sure your gate is secure and works automatically. From planning and designing to putting it in place, we're committed to giving you a personalized, really good gate that fits your needs for protection. We keep up with the newest technology for gate openers to make sure everything works the best it can.


We have a lot of different automatic doors that swing, slide and revolve. We also have many options that you can customize. If you want a specific look or need to upgrade, our experts are here to help you find the perfect automatic door opener that fits what you're looking for.

Automatic Sliding

We do everything for automatic sliding doors – we provide them, set them up, keep them working, and fix them if they break. Our team of technical experts is always ready to help you choose the best door for what you need in your industry.

Automatic Barriers

We have lots of gate barriers from the best brands, and they all give really good protection that's customized for what you need. We only put in barriers that have been tested and shown to work well for controlling access. Quality is super important to us, and you can see it in everything we do.

Garage Door

We have lots of really good garage doors for homes and businesses at Al Fahad Automatic Doors. You can pick from many different brands, and we offer a bunch of colors, types, materials, and designs for the doors. If you want to know how much it will cost, we give free estimates.

Dock Leveller

We have a variety of high-quality dock levelers from top brands, designed to offer great protection tailored to your specific needs. We only install dock levelers that have been tested and proven to work effectively for managing access. Making sure everything we do is of excellent quality is a big deal for us, and you can see it in all our work.

Our Services


Seamless entry, expertly installed. Elevate your space with our precision automatic door installation service.


Keep doors effortlessly smooth. Trust our expert team for reliable automatic door maintenance services.


Swift solutions for smooth entrances. Depend on us for expert automatic door repair services.

Our Clients

We Bring You the Best Access
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